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MudTrooper Officer Captain (Complete)

MudTrooper Officer Captain (Complete)

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The Mudtrooper Officer with Captains Ranking, features the standard uniform and equipment typically worn by the Imperial Army during Ground Battles with the addition of an extra printed Captain Rank. It also Includes arm printing, 360 Degree Leg printing, printed hooded cape, printed LEGO® rebreather, printed head and a Genuine LEGO® Helmet.

This Custom LEGO® minifigure is a fully UV printed on authentic real LEGO® parts, to ensure lasting durability, detail and Premium Quality.

Included with this Item:

  • Printed Torso and Arms
  • Pair of Hands
  • Printed Legs
  • Printed Head
  • LEGO® Helmet
  • Printed LEGO® Rebreather
  • Printed Hooded Cape